2018 RYLA Conference: April 20th - 22nd, 2018


Why become a Facilitator?

What are the requirements to be a Facilitator?

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How do I become a Facilitator?

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Why become a Facilitator?

One of the great joys of being a Rotarian is to share your vision of leadership and service with young people. RYLA gives you the opportunity to participate in leadership, learning, and fellowship activities with some of the District’s finest high school juniors.

Families are the essence of the RYLA conference. Participants will be divided into families to provide a more intimate learning and sharing experience. Each family consists of a Rotarian Facilitator and up to 10 students from different high schools throughout our Rotary District. The family will become a close knit community as a result of working together and sharing ideas after each major presentation and activity.

The process of facilitation is to guide or lead the family as it reflects on an experience, whether that experience was a speaker, a workshop, or an activity. Effective facilitation enables students to share perspectives on a common experience through a productive dialog and then develop behavioral changes through enriched communication, trust, and teamwork.

Being a RYLA Facilitator is often described as one of the high points in a Rotarian's life! Don’t miss this unique service opportunity.

What are the requirements to be a Facilitator?

There are no formal requirements to be a Facilitator other than you must be a Rotarian. However, it is highly recommended that you:

     -  Be in good health.

     -  Be in good physical condition and able, if necessary, to endure: Physical activities on "rough" terrain, including hills, gravelly inclines, and uneven meadows; hot sun; rain; snow; and all at 5,000 ft. of elevation with decreased oxygen.

     -  Be willing and able to leave concerns about work and other obligations at home and be laser focused on the RYLA activities.

     -  Be interested in working closely for 3 days with young people age 16-17.

     -  Have a positive attitude and want to have fun!

How do I become a Facilitator?

1.      Check your personal calendar against the RYLA Timeline to insure that you will be available to participate in all facilitator activities (i.e., Orientation, the entire RYLA conference, etc.).

2.      Enter all the relevant RYLA dates on your personal calendar.

3.      Make sure you are "certified" by District 5340 to work with youth. Here's what you do. Go to your listing in the District Directory. If you don't know how to do that, ask your Club Secretary to give you your username and password and show you how to login. Once on the District website home page, do the following: Click on "Member Area" in the upper right-hand corner; click on the "Membership" tab; click on "Clubs & Membership;" find your club name and click on  "Members" to the right of your club name; locate your name and click on it; finally, click on the "Rotary" tab. If you have been certified by the District to work with youth, a red, yellow, and black “YS” or “YC” icon appears in the Rotary section of your directory listing. If you don't have this icon in your listing, you must complete and send a Youth Volunteer Affidavit along with a check for $5.00 to District 5340 Office, Attn: Dale Bailey – District Youth Protection Officer, 2247 San Diego Avenue, Suite 236, San Diego, CA 92110. Please include a note to Dale requesting that your Affidavit and background check be expedited and that the District Directory be updated to show you are youth certified so you can participate in RYLA this year.

4.      Complete the online Facilitator Application and click on “Submit.”

5.      Print the entire application that appears when you submit your online information, legibly fill in the additional information requested, and sign the application.

6.      Mail the Facilitator Application to the Facilitator Coordinator at the address on the Facilitator Application.

7.      You will be contacted by the Facilitator Coordinator who will select Facilitators and Alternates.

8.      If selected to be a Facilitator or an Alternate, you must read pages 3-14 and Appendix E of the Facilitator Manual prior to attending Facilitator Orientation. The Manual has essential information for new and experienced Facilitators and it will answer many of your questions.

9.      All Rotarians selected to be Facilitators or Alternates must attend Facilitator Orientationon the date specified in the RYLA Timeline. The only exception is if you are a returning Facilitator, you have an emergency, and you have received permission from the Facilitator Coordinator to miss Orientation. In order to establish camaraderie among the Facilitators and to lend your expertise to the training session, experienced Facilitators are expected to attend Orientation except in the case of a personal emergency.

10.     Attend RYLA and have the time of your life!